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This post isn’t going to be a lot of words…but a few photos. these are some of my artwork and photography. They’re not that great but i’m just a beginner…


These are a few of my drawings…


And some of my Photography…

And that’s it for now…

Quick Quote: The Earth without ARt is just ‘Eh’

With love Naomi



An abstract world

Do you sometimes wonder what the real world is like? Do you ever feel that you are living an abstract life? A fake life?

I was in the city yesterday and I saw this graffiti art that i fell in love with. It looked so amazing but if you take away all the colour it would have been a pretty boring piece of artwork. That is what it is like in our world “The grass is always greener on the other side” but it’s not the world throw things at you and says it’s amazing like drugs. but it really is a dirty disgusting “city” we feel as if we need to have the best things to become the best people but it is really what we say and act toward people that matters more. It doesn’t matter what other people think, its about making a difference without caring what the world says or thinks.

Quick Quote: “Be yourself everyone else is already taken”

With Love Naomi

Struggles to strength


Sorry it has been a long while since i posted on this blog .This post is about the things that I struggle with and trouble me (deep right). I am one of those people who isolates themselves from family and, sometimes, friends. I feel as if I need to be independent or need to prove something somehow. I don’t know what it is, but I just feel as if I need to do things by myself with only my power and hold up the sky. So if someone has asked me for help or advice on something I tend to try to figure out that problem with just me and my own power. It normally doesn’t work out and I end up failing my friends’ needs. This habit has turned me inside out and changed me and I know I posted that change was good but…I don’t know what to feel anymore. I am stuck in a web that I weaved and it may not seem like a big deal in the future but right now I feel broken and helpless. I always feel as if I fail my friends, my family and sometimes even myself. So what good things will come out of this? What blessings are on their way? And to top all that off, shameful and hurtful thoughts come into my head always there to tell me that the person I am isn’t good enough and dying is the way out of it. I am sorry but…stuff those thoughts! (Excuse my language). I am sick of being ruled by myself and other people. I am sick of trying to be perfect when I know that I am not. I am sick of the web I wove. I am sick of it.

Man do I feel better…

Quick Quote: “struggles are required in order to survive in life, because in order to stand up, you gotta know what falling down is like”

With love, Naomi




Change is difficult only if you know how to handle it. And personally i have just shut it out. my family and i have moved into six different houses and we never really had a home until two years ago when we finally got our own house. So i know change, change is my frenemy. But i got sick of change if you know what i mean. moving house every year or so, so i blocked it out of my life. i just wanted everything to be normal if you know what i mean. but i found out that change is important and if we get to comfortable we can really hurt when something changes suddenly. so…i changed the look of the blog, i got rid of some clothes, i started reading different genre’s, stuff like that. And it has really helped and i encourage you to do the same sometimes. hope this was a good post.

Quick Quote: “Life is like underwear, change is good”


Getting caught



We can get caught in a lot of things: fights, traffic, a science lesson (which i am in) and even getting caught doing something wrong. My best friend and i were in the plaza walking in the food court when two couples started yelling at each other and throwing their frozen cokes at each other. If my friend and i had walked a bit slower we would have got caught in it. Getting caught isn’t fun especially when it’s with teachers. i hate getting caught. Even a verbal warning makes me squirm. But bad things lead to bad consequences.


Secrets or hidden truths?



I recently had a fight with Queen B and she kept going on about secrets. She said that you shouldn’t keep secrets from close friends. but do you know what? you should. Secrets hold power. Bad power that can destroy relationships. The truth hurts and that’s what secrets are. I realised that if i had been honest all throughout our friendship it would have ended quickly. Secrets that haven’t been told keep friendships alive

Quick Quote: “Secrets and lies kill relationships. No matter how careful you are, you will always get caught”


Friends Forever?

i don’t know about you but i struggle with friendship. It’s really hard to find good friends. I have a friend ( i am going to call her Queen B) who was really close until she met this boy. she started wearing lots of makeup and flirting with him while i carried around her books and did everything for her. it didn’t bother me at first until she started saying mean things to my face like “your really ugly” and “your hair is disgusting”. she also talked about me behind my back. it was getting difficult. I felt relieved whenever she didn’t come to school. I asked myself is this normal? should i just shrug it off? obviously not. i talked to a close adult and she said that Queen B was actually bullying me. I talked to Queen B and she backed off a bit. It’s getting better.

Friendship sometimes feels like war. we are always going to be hurt by people but we need to come through that and surround ourselves with love and care for us.

Quick Quote: “Girls can survive without a boyfriend,but they cant survive without a best friend”




As you may know this is my first post and i hope it is a good one. In these post’s i will have stories, tips, quotes and helpful lifestyle tips . This blog is also a place i can come to and express myself, like an online diary. Well boring post over. my next post will be about Friendships. Hope you can read it!

Quick Quote: “Don’t look back your not going that way”


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